Reasons to Consider International School in Bangkok for Excellent Results

Want to learn American curriculum in Bangkok? Then the American School of Bangkok is the right place for you. There are many benefits that you can achieve from enrolling at this international school in Bangkok. In brief, the institution is an epitome of quality education based on America’s curriculum and it is also characterized by the best learning environment that enables the students to realize their goals in various disciplines. The curriculum is specifically designed in such a way to help the students to realize their own competencies such that they can pursue their own dreams in the right direction.

The institution offers unique opportunities that will significantly help you reach higher levels in your academic career. For instance, the institution prides itself of more than 30 years of academic excellence where it has produced quite a number of graduates who have been accepted to pursue their studies at some of the world’s most renowned universities such as Harvard University, Tokyo University as well as University of British Columbia among others. The school offers Advanced Placement (AP) program where the students have the opportunity to make wide selections of courses that are internationally recognized.     

The international school in Bangkok is comprised of two campuses and these have state-of-the-art learning facilities that have been designed to give students the best learning environment. On top of that, the school also offers well packaged extracurricular activities in the form of various sporting disciplines such as basketball, golf, swimming as well as soccer among others. The school currently boasts of the best Preparatory Golf Academy in Asia. This is meant to develop the students’ physical and intellectual capability in their career development. Students are also encouraged to treat sport as a lucrative profession.

On top of that, boarding facilities are also available at the school’s Green Valley campus. The environment is supportive to the moral development of the students such that they can live up to their expectations in as far as educational attainment is concerned. The environment also encourages cultural exchange among students from diverse backgrounds since it is designed to promote equality among all of them.     

If you looking for international school in Bangkok, Thailand please visit The American School of Bangkok.